Membership Form Processing

Cleardata can digitise your paper membership forms, converting customer information into digital format. Our data entry and data capture solutions are designed to reduce human error, increase data accuracy and speed up processing times. The company provides a number of options for membership form processing and data capture.

Membership Processing Options

  • Data Entry – Our team of experienced data entry operators can enter your membership data into digital format. All data entry work is quality checked, with accuracy guaranteed for each individual project. To find out more about our data entry accuracy click here.
  • Document Scanning with intelligent capture software – Cleardata has a state of the art document scanning bureau and is able to scan your membership forms or records cards. Any size of document can be captured from postage stamp up to AO. OCR technology software can be used to make scanned text searchable as required. Handwritten forms, bar codes and text can also be captured.
  • Data is automatically extracted from your membership forms, including customer name, address and contact details. Key information can be returned in a format to suit your needs, popular choices include CSV, Excel or HTML.

Other Data Capture Services Include:-

  • Membership Form Design
  • Mobile Forms
  • Mailroom Processing
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Spreadsheet Design
  • Online Reporting
  • Data Indexing & Bookmarks

Watch Cleardata’s document scanning video below:

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