Restaurant Data Capture Services

Cleardata offers efficient and comprehensive data capture solutions for restaurants throughout the UK. From digitisation of paperwork to capturing restaurant customer data from feedback cards and loyalty cards, outsourcing your support services to Cleardata will not only ensure your data is accurate, but also give you more time to focus on running your restaurant.

Restaurant Data Collection

We understand that the hospitality industry is fast-paced and that accurate data collection may not be top of the priority list. However, receiving clear and accurate feedback from customers and employees can be pivotal to ensuring your establishment provides a great place to work and an excellent level of customer service.

Restaurant work can be time-intensive and stressful, so outsourcing data capture to a professional service such as Cleardata can help to reduce the workload. Outsourced data capture removes the hassle of manual data input and the likelihood of human error. This accurate information can then be used to create effective marketing campaigns and provide clear goals for improvements to your restaurant.

Improve Efficiency with Restaurant Data Capture Solutions

Cleardata provides a full service of data capture solutions to help restaurants improve their time efficiency and customer experience, including:

  • Feedback and loyalty card data capture: data is collected either through manual processing or scanning, where important data is automatically identified using intelligent data capture.
  • Feedback form and card design: Cleardata can help to design your feedback forms and loyalty cards with intelligent data capture in mind, which enhances and standardises the data capture procedure.
  • Spreadsheet design: the captured data can be returned in a bespoke spreadsheet in any required format for easy information analysis and without the need to manually input customer and employee feedback.
  • Paperwork digitisation: transitioning your paperwork to a digital format can help to increase data accuracy through electronic data capture, to automate processes for significant time savings, and can also help towards sustainability goals.
  • Mailroom processing: divert your mail to our secure bureau using a PO Box address, where we can sort, handle, and capture the data being sent to you in an easy to read format. This includes invoices, surveys, and any other format of document.

Cleardata for Secure Restaurant Data Collection

We are a professional data management company accredited for Information Security and Quality Management Systems. We operate from a high-security premises and have worked for small and large companies alike, including several large blue-chip organisations and local authorities. Every member of our team has been DBS-checked and strictly adheres to GDPR regulations when handling customer data.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and software ensures 99.5% accuracy of data entry and fast, efficient data capture. Significantly improve your workflow, data capture costs, and feedback systems today with a bespoke data capture solution from Cleardata.

To discuss your requirements or for any further information about our restaurant data capture services, please get in touch on 0800 046 8083, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

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  • Customer Feedback Form and Loyalty Card Design – We can design your forms or loyalty cards with automated data capture in mind.  Our designers use bar codes and individual boxes (similar to those on a passport application) to ensure forms can be digitised and data captured to high accuracy levels.
  • Automated Data Capture Services – Cleardata utilises Kofax software which can automatically recognise keywords and strings of words.  Once captured, data can be validated against your existing customer database.
  • Digitisation and Scanning Services – Our bureau is equipped with high volume Kodak scanning technology.
  • Manual Data Entry Services – We have an experienced team, providing accurate data entry and data capture services.
  • Mailroom Handling – Our team can send surveys out for you or receive paperwork on a daily basis. Cleardata’s mailroom is PCI Compliant, so we can securely handle financial and credit card data if required.