Retail Data Capture

At Cleardata we have a range of retail data capture solutions to streamline your data processes, saving time spent on manual data entry. We understand how important it is for retailers to focus on customer retention and customer loyalty. Paper based loyalty cards and membership forms can create large volumes of manual data entry, resulting in backlogs of information and ultimately poor customer communication. Also consider the cost of high street rental, can your stores afford for paper based forms to take up this valuable commodity.

Outsource your requirements to improve your data capture cycle and provide a fast turnaround, allowing you to focus on the next step in your customer journey.

How can we help…?

Form Design

Cleardata can design your loyalty cards, membership forms and promotional coupons with automated capture in mind. For example we can add bar code labelling to forms, to reduce incoming capture requirements and improve accuracy.

We have a team of IT and scanning experts who work with data capture software day in day out. They have an extensive knowledge of form design, for handwritten or digital entry, with high volume scanning and automated capture in mind.

We’ll help you at each stage, testing form designs for optimum data capture and minimising scanning errors. This can achieve a high level of automation for capturing customer information and can also allow you to validate information against existing back office customer databases.

Our team can also validate data such as postcodes and addresses against Royal Mail databases to ensure accuracy of information.

Mailroom Services

Our retail mailroom services allows you to divert your customer loyalty card information or membership forms to our bureau for opening, sorting and scanning. Cleardata’s scanning bureau is accredited to ISO27001 for information security and we’re also self-certified for PCI compliance, enabling us to securely handle credit card information.

We’ve handled surveys for leading High Street Brands as well as Royal Mail Returns. Our mailroom team can scan your envelope returns and provide a data file containing Name, Address, Postcode as well as the reason for return, to allow you to cleanse your customer database.

Automated Data Capture

Cleardata can automatically capture data from your retail surveys or customer satisfaction forms. A higher level of data capture is achieved, if the form is designed with data capture in mind, however we can use intelligent data capture software to extract information from most document types. We use Kofax software, which recognises and learns documents over time. Reference numbers, logos, supplier names, dates or amounts can be captured. To find out more, fill in our form to contact our team. We will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and arrange a test of your document types.

Online Data Capture

Our IT team can help design web forms to capture customer information quickly and easily. These can be branded to suit your business and structured to create a database for your team to analyse incoming information. Bespoke reporting and analysis can be designed to suit your business.

Cloud Document Management

Once scanned customer information can be uploaded into our secure cloud document management system. This solution is a real benefit for retailers with multiple stores, as it allows information to be accessed from different locations using a web browser. Workflow also enables you to divert information to the correct person within your organisation to process or review.

For further information about our Retail Data Capture Process please contact our friendly team on 0800 046 8083.