Travel & Tourism Data Entry Services

Cleardata works with many UK companies within the travel and tourism industry. We have a range of solutions to streamline your data capture processes and feed important data back into your business fast and efficiently.

Our team can capture and process information such as:-

  • Hotel Feedback Forms
  • Travel Agent Surveys
  • Frequent Flyer Cards
  • Competition Cards
  • Membership Forms

We can transform your existing processes, allowing you to focus on key business activities.

Design & Print Services

Cleardata can design and print your hotel feedback forms or travel surveys with data capture in mind, for example barcodes can be added to your forms with information such as names, addresses and titles pre-populated. This solution can dramatically reduce the data entry requirements and also improves the accuracy of your data.

Our team of data scanning experts have extensive knowledge of form design, they can design your forms using certain formats for example using boxes and spaces for optimum data capture. Forms designed in this way provide great levels of automation, our intelligent data capture software can learn and recognise these traits over time, providing a much more efficient process in comparison to manual data entry. For more information fill in our form or contact our team. We will be happy to talk to you about your requirements and arrange a test of your document types.

Mailroom Services

Cleardata’s mailroom services allows you to divert your travel surveys, hotel feedback forms and competition cards to our bureau for opening, sorting and capture. We can also manage your returns, providing a data file containing information such as name, address, postcode and reason for return. This solution allows you to cleanse your database, save valuable time and money.

Our scanning bureau is accredited to ISO27001 for information security and we’re also self-certified for PCI compliance, enabling us to securely handle credit card information.

Online Data Capture

Cleardata’s IT team can design your web forms to capture customer information electronically. We can also set up a database for incoming information to be analysed and reported to suit your business needs.

Bespoke Reporting

Keeping on top of KPI and trends is key, especially within the travel and tourism industry. Our IT can team can also set up bespoke reports that allow you to report on key activities e.g. visitor numbers and seasonal changes. We can pull together information from multiple sources and existing databases to display information in an easy, understandable format.

For more information about Cleardata’s Travel and Tourism Data Entry Services please contact our team on 0800 046 8083 or fill in our form to estimate data entry prices.