University Data Capture Services

With masses of applicants applying for University each year, comes high volumes of paperwork  in need of processing. A fast and efficient process is crucial to ensure correct information is gathered before the start of term. Manual data entry is extremely time consuming for student admissions teams and can often cause huge backlogs of student information. Cleardata’s data capture and data entry services can streamline your university data capture processes.


Cleardata can provide a complete solution from start to finish. Our team can design your forms with data capture in mind, increasing the accuracy of data and saving valuable staff time.

Cleardata’s university data capture services can manage your student information with a range of solutions:-

Bespoke Reporting

Cleardata offers bespoke university reporting services, our IT experts can set up reports or spreadsheets to present data in an easy understandable format. This allows international student departments to effectively keep track of student timesheets and lecture information.

Barcode Labelling

Accurate timesheet recording can be extremely time consuming for staff manually entering information for each individual student. Forms designed with barcodes can save staff huge amounts of staff time. Barcodes technology can be matched up with university records, forms can be pre-populated with information such as name, address, date of birth etc. This can dramatically reduce manual data entry.

Scanning & OCR

Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology allows information to be extracted from your documents during the scanning process. The benefit of OCR means that information within your documents can be searched using keywords, allowing you to retrieve information fast and efficiently. Documents such as application forms, timesheets, feedback forms etc. can also be digitally indexed saving huge amounts of time compared to manual indexing, increasing accuracy and improving accessibility.

University Data Entry

Our data entry services can reach up to 99.95% accuracy levels. We can provide single or double data entry. Double entry requires two of our experts to process information and provides the best levels of accuracy.

For further information about Cleardata’s University Data Entry Solutions please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

How does it work?

Cleardata’s unique data entry software allows a second processor to enter information, if information does not match the information entered by the first operator the system will prevent the operator carrying on. This will then allow operators to double check information and correct errors, increasing accuracy levels.

Timesheet Design & Automated Data Capture

Cleardata can design university timesheets and application forms with automated data capture in mind. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge of form design for optimum data capture.

Cleardata’s data entry staff are experienced in capturing:-

  • Admission application forms
  • Registers
  • Bursary application forms
  • Graduate application forms
  • Post graduate application forms
  • Housing forms
  • Student surveys
  • Graduation forms
  • Research proposal forms
  • Medical forms
  • Deferral requests
  • Module feedback forms
  • Examination results processing

Overseas Student Management

Many Universities have already been subject to suspension following the Home Office crack down on overseas student fraud. The plan is set to stop foreign students using universities as entry into the UK and prevent the system being abused. Many institutions rely greatly on overseas student fees and therefore must implement a strict monitoring process if continuing to accept international students. Enhanced record keeping, monitoring and reporting of overseas students can protect universities, should they find themselves under investigation.

How Can We Help

Our data entry and data capture services, can help you to effectively monitor student time sheets and attendance records.  Cleardata’s IT team can set up bespoke reports or spreadsheets to suit your reporting requirements.