Utilities Data Entry

Cleardata works with many utility companies throughout the UK. We understand that quick easy access to your data can improve your business operations. Inspection and reporting can often be delayed due to manual data entry tasks. Any unlogged maintenance calls can become a real problem for your company, causing issues with health and safety and regulations. Our tailored data entry and data capture solutions can provide cost saving solutions that will streamline a range of processes and ultimately improve efficiency within your business.

Mailroom  Services

Inspection reports and other key documents can be diverted to our mailroom team for opening, sorting and scanning. Our scanning bureau is accredited for ISO27001 Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management.

Utility Data Capture

We can automatically extract data from your reports using intelligent data capture software. The software can extract data from most documents, however a higher level of accuracy is achieved if the documents are designed with data capture in mind, see our design services to find out more.

Online Reporting

Our team can manually enter data from inspection reports and various other forms and upload it to our cloud. Integrated workflow allows reports to be sent to correct members of staff within your organisation for approval, query or reject. The cloud system can also be accessed from multiple location using a web browser, this is extremely valuable for utility teams due to many members off staff working on the road.

Spreadsheet Design

Cleardata’s IT experts can design spreadsheets to suit your business requirements. Excel spreadsheets are regularly used and can present your data in a simple, understandable format. Our team work with spreadsheets on a daily basis and have knowledgeable experience in writing complex formulas and scripts. This will allow your team to analyse and report on key business activities, speeding up processes e.g. maintenance call outs.

For further information about Cleardata’s Utilities Data Capture Services, please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.