Speed up Processing Travel Agent Forms with Data Capture Services

Travel Agent Forms Processing - Cleardata

Now summer is officially over, additional travel agent forms and surveys may need processing due to increased workloads for staff as individuals are jetting off for some last minute sun or booking skiing holidays.

Travel companies require a wide variety of documents to be processed such as travel surveys and hotel reviews, with data to be extracted and entered into a number of systems.

Processing a selection of documents takes a substantial amount of company time and money. As employees may be rushing when inputting data into a system to continue with their next job, information may also be entered incorrectly.

Cleardata offers data capture and data entry solutions to businesses throughout the UK, which can significantly help your company overcome challenges associated with manual processes.

The benefits of outsourcing your company’s data capture and entry requirements include:

  • Speeding up manual processes
  • Saving company money
  • Increasing data accuracy and quality
  • Saving employees manually typing out information
  • Having the data exported into the required format
  • Allowing staff to focus on more value added business activities

Cleardata provides the following services for travel agencies to extract data and process documents:

Bespoke reports <- Cleardata can process and extract the data from your travel surveys and accommodation reviews, using one of the below data extraction methods. Once captured, the information can be analysed in a bespoke report.

Designed specifically for your company, the reports present data in a clear and understandable format – perfect for instantly viewing the highest performing and reviewed hotel of the summer.

Online data entry – The Company has an experienced team of data entry operatives that enter thousands of keystrokes every day with zero errors. Information can be directly entered for any type of data from travel agent forms into any online system, such as filling in online destination feedback forms and adding reviews of destinations or hotels on websites.

Double blind data entry – Data can be entered into any system or database with two operators, one manually entering the data and the other going through checking everything is entered correctly. This service ensures an accuracy performance is reached up to 99.9%.

This data entry method is ideal for extracting information from handwritten documents such as customer notes to update CRM systems, customer feedback forms and completed membership forms, in order to achieve greater accuracy.

Automatic data capture – Information from travel documents can be automatically extracted using Cleardata’s intelligent data capture system. This increases the quality of the data as it eliminates human errors and saves employees’ time in manually typing out information.

The technology can capture data from a variety of documents and works well for recognising tick boxes on specialised forms such as travel surveys, hotel feedback forms, frequent flyer cards and competition cards.

Mailroom – As well as the above data capture and entry services, Cleardata also offers a digital and manual mailroom for organisations to forward their post and emails to. The company will open, sort and capture travel documents.

Contact our team to find out more information on our data extracting services and how we can help your company manage travel agent forms. Call us on 0800 046 8081 or use our quick quote calculator.