Speed up customer satisfaction form processing, utilising automated data capture services

Data Capture Services from CleardataBusinesses processing large volumes of customer feedback, soon realise manual data entry can occupy huge amounts of staff time.

Errors such as typos or misinterpreted data, can result in incomplete, or inaccurate customer satisfaction feedback, which can be misleading for future marketing campaigns.

Automated data capture services can dramatically reduce processing times, increase data accuracy and free up staff to focus on core business activities.

Knowing what your customers’ value is key. Specialist form design, combined with intelligent data capture software, can feed important customer data back into your business systems quickly. Enabling staff to respond to queries, sell additional services and improve overall communication with customers.

Here’s how we can help?

Our customer feedback data capture services include:-

  • Form Design – Customer feedback forms with handwritten responses can be difficult to capture. Cleardata’s team can carefully design forms with data capture in mind. Labelling forms with barcodes can pre-capture information, reducing the need for customers to enter common data.
  • Printing, Distribution & Mail Handling – Forms can be printed and distributed using our secure mailroom services. On return, mail can be opened, classified and scanned to suit business needs.
  • Scanning and Intelligent Data Capture – High volumes of documents can be scanned and returned quickly. Intelligent Data Capture software can interpret and automatically extract data from your forms, reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Data Validation – Data can be validated against your existing systems, or Royal Mail databases. This step dramatically increases the accuracy of your data and allows you to cleanse your databases.
  • Data Return – Information can be returned in any required format, normally businesses opt for spreadsheet or CSV. Data can also be indexed or grouped by date, department or location.

Cleardata’s Data Capture Services can provide a fast effective turnaround, ensuring you get quick and easy results. We also offer a reporting service, using bespoke spreadsheets that allows regular reporting of incoming data within your business.

For further details on our data capture services call 0800 046 8083 or use our instant quote tool online now.