Start 2017 off by outsourcing your data entry and capture needs

It’s the first month back from the Christmas holidays and your company has much more important things to do than to manually type up endless stats, facts and figures. There’s always a massive list to sort when you get back, too. Everything from applications, financial documents and examination papers to marketing questionnaires and surveys need attending to in a range of sectors.

On top of that, some businesses need to manually create feedback questionnaires and sort through employee information and customer details.

Cleardata provides an online data entry and capture service that allows you to save your company time and money. There’s also the additional benefit of ensuring your documents are created and processed to the highest quality thanks to the staff, technology and quality control measures in place.

We can provide a wide range of services for your business including:

Data Capture

We can automatically extract data from any type of paperwork such as forms, letters, surveys or claims. The extracted information is easier to read, use and locate, offering an instant boost to time and money.

  • Data capture process: – Our team scans your paperwork – We use Kofax software to automatically extract the data. The intelligent software can recognise relevant information such as logos, reference numbers, supplier names, amounts etc. – Once captured, information can be validated or checked against existing databases to ensure accuracy. (The success of this process depends on the initial form design. We can help design your form with automated capture in mind)
  • Data capture services – Form Design, Paperless Forms, Data Management, Bespoke Reporting, Spreadsheet Design, Data Analysis, Online Data Entry
  • Data capture methods – Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Automated Capture, Paperless Forms, Barcode Technology 

Data Entry

We can process any type of information from any source e.g. typed, hand-written forms, scanned, any form design. Even where information is hard to read or slightly ambiguous, online data entry techniques can decipher even the toughest characters.

  • Online entry process – You send us your data, Our professional team will process your files with our state-of-the-art software, with excellent quality and accuracy, up to 99.95%. Our staff can enter thousands of keystrokes per day from any format. Our team can also index your files into searchable electronic documents (filed using keywords) – Once entered, information will be validated and our team of in-house programmers will output the information to any required format
  • Data entry services – Double Blind verification, Project Timescales, Details of data to be captured, Data Type, Data Verification, Digital Indexing
  • Data capture – After your data has been entered onto the system, we are able to design methods to achieve the ultimate result 

We use the latest in purpose-built technology to provide the ideal results no matter your specific circumstances. Combined with our highly trained staff, you can be sure that you receive a service that matches and exceeds your demands and expectations.

For additional information on Cleardata’s outsourced online data entry and capture services, contact our team on 0800 046 8083. Give your business time and money savings needed to grow, without having to worry about any of your paperwork and invoices.