Transform your Retail Paper Processes with Automated Data Processing

Loyalty Cards ProcessingAutomated data processing can save the retail industry a significant amount of time and money. Using clever data capture solutions information from Sales Order Forms, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Client Disclaimer Forms or even Loyalty Cards can be captured quickly and efficiently with virtually no manual processing.

If completed manually, this paperwork increases the need for data entry, which can be costly with highly paid employees wasting time on physically entering and checking data from a wide variety of documents, into a number of different systems or spreadsheets.

Cleardata offers data entry and automated data capture services for organisations in the retail industry. With over 10 years’ experience, our specialised team are able to manage, convert and process any type of data including hand-written, typed and scanned documents. The company will manually enter the data into your required database, using two individual operators to ensure all information entered is accurate.

Our IT team can automate your data capture requirements by designing forms with capture in mind. Forms are often designed in an unstructured manner, causing problems when trying to digitise and automatically capture information.  Our team can help design your forms in a structured manner to enable our scanners and clever software to capture, verify and output your information quickly and easily.

Outsourcing documents for data processing allows your team to focus on more productive and beneficial tasks such as customer experience and customer loyalty schemes. Other major benefits for outsourcing data insertion services include:

  • Saving significant time that could be utilised on more important activities
  • Reducing costs spent on staff manually entering information
  • Increasing data accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • Faster processing times
  • Saving money on hiring additional staff for the project

Consider outsourcing the following documents for a regular project or a one-off data solution:

Customer Satisfaction & Market Research Surveys

Customer satisfaction feedback forms and market research surveys are beneficial in gaining valuable insight from customers. Most surveys and feedback forms are specifically designed to work with data capture systems, enabling data to be automatically extracted with minimal human interference. Although, if forms are designed with open ended questions to encourage a detailed response, data entry may be necessary.


At the end of the week, there can be thousands of discounted coupons and vouchers that have been collected from customers. It would be extremely time consuming for employees to physically enter the data for every coupon themselves. If designed correctly, Cleardata’s team are able to extract the required information from coupons manually or online. This involves data to be directly entered into a web based system enabling forms to be indexed. Coupons can be captured quickly providing faster information for your campaign.

Disclaimer Forms

If your retail organisation uses disclaimer forms as part of your everyday business, these can soon create a backlog. Cleardata can extract information from disclaimer forms quickly and efficiently. Find out how Cleardata entered data from 600 disclaimer documents a month for House of Vans.

Updating CRM Databases

As well as entering data from paper based documents, Cleardata are able to enter customer account and loyalty card information into your organisation’s private Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With the constant change of employment and moving address, it’s also easy for customer information to become obsolete. By having Cleardata regularly update your customer database allows your business to save valuable time whilst benefiting from relevant information.

For more information from Cleardata on how outsourcing your data entry needs can save your company time and money, please visit our services or contact our team on 0800 046 8083.