What Are The Advantages of Electronic Data Capture?

Data Capture Solutions & Services UKWith the extraordinary amount of data in the world, making business information secure, accessible, and easy to navigate is a necessity. This is achievable through the digitisation of documents using data capture.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) can automatically collect information from scanned images, or documents and convert them into digitally readable files. Cleardata uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert information from images into text and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)  to identify varying fonts and handwriting.  The company also uses intelligent capture software which can recognise names, phrases and strings of words.  From invoices to claims forms and surveys, data capture can be used to automatically capture information from your documents, saving valuable time and money.  These files can then be processed and electronically analysed, providing businesses with a heap of benefits.

Data efficiency and document processing speed

Electronic data capture enables businesses to capture information quickly and efficiently, improving document processing performance and customer satisfaction.  Reduce manual data entry and processing for your team by having documents scanned on arrival and data captured automatically, before being sorted and classified in line with your business rules.  Make searches, research, and data processing so much easier. Information can then be stored in an online document management system, allowing information to be actioned by your team.  This will provide greater visibility of documents, a full audit trail and secure access from any location. 

Data accuracy

Cleardata can perform verification checks, monitoring data for any inconsistencies or incorrect formats.  These validation rules reduce error rates, meaning electronic files can be processed quickly and with increased accuracy. In preventing inaccurate or illogical values in documents, this creates cleaner data which can be processed quickly. For example, invoices can be checked to ensure they meet your compliance needs such as No PO, no pay.  Data can also be validated against existing databases such as your supplier file, to ensure the supplier information can be matched. A list of exceptions can also be provided for your team to action. 

To maximise the advantages of data capture, a solid data input plan needs to be fully implemented. Consistency is achieved by standardising operating procedures throughout the business. Using structured data collection forms and capture minimises inconsistencies and problems, making the process more streamlined and less frustrating. Cleardata can help you design intelligent surveys and forms to increase automated data capture rates. 

Any organisation that needs to upload paper forms or electronic documents into a database can get a high return on investment by automating data entry with electronic data capture. This can save significant amounts of data entry time – reducing manual input by up to 80%. 

Data clarification turnaround times are reduced by automation, meaning queries can be sent instantly. This gives staff the freedom to focus on the core activities of their job and generally increases office productivity.

Electronic data capture makes for a superior streamlined process – an efficient and rapid workflow with no compromise on quality.

 Safe and secure

Electronic data capture is completed in Cleardata’s UK scanning facility which is highly secure and certified for Information Security and Quality Management.  All staff have been DBS Checked. The company is also GDPR compliant. 

Better for the environment

Data accuracy and streamlining business processes aren’t the only benefits of electronic data capture. It also helps to lower carbon footprint. EDC minimises the need for physical storage space and saves on paperwork management time, whilst reducing paper usage and producing less waste. Cleardata can help you work towards a paperless office that saves serious money, office space, and staff time.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using electronic data capture for business. It increases productivity and data accuracy whilst reducing waste, processing times, and cost. If you wish to discuss EDC further, please get in touch on 0800 046 8083, and a Cleardata expert will be happy to assist you.