Capture Data from Customer Satisfaction Surveys in the Hospitality Sector

Data Capture Services from Cleardata

Although many businesses use digital technology to capture survey information, some companies still utilise paper surveys due to the nature of their customer base or business requirements. A customer satisfaction survey is a powerful tool for companies to collect valuable information from customers, including restaurants.

Once customers have provided a respected insight into their views towards your business, it’s time to capture and analyse the data to see if common issues are raised and need to be addressed.

Cleardata provide the following services to help process your surveys:

Digital Mailroom

A PO Box can be set up to redirect mail straight to Cleardata’s bureau and receive all completed surveys, physically and digitally. The documents will be opened, sorted and scanned, ready for the data to be extracted.

Diverting forms to Cleardata saves your restaurant staff time from opening and categorising information to focus on more business related activities such as customer service, marketing and additional training.

Automated Data Capture

Cleardata can automatically capture data from your business’s satisfaction surveys using intelligent software called Kofax, allowing you to focus on the data analysis. Your customer’s responses can be captured in any relevant digital format, such as csv or pdf.

Automated data capture significantly speeds up the process of extracting information from one source and inserting it into your CRM database, as well as collecting and reporting it. The software quickly detects and captures relevant information, saving employee’s time in manually entering the data. Automatically capturing information also increases data accuracy due to eliminating the risk of human error, such as spelling mistakes.

Manual Data Entry

The company provides data entry services that enables your customer satisfaction survey data to be manually entered into any system by our specialised data entry operators who are able to key thousands of forms every day. Double blind data entry service is also available to increase the accuracy of your data, as two separate operators are entering and checking the information.

Outsourcing your restaurant’s data entry requirements speeds up the data analysis process, allowing your staff to attend to customer queries quickly and more efficiently.

Survey Design

Cleardata are also able to design your initial satisfaction surveys, questionnaires and specialised forms, with necessary data capture fields inserted for extracting the information even faster, once completed by your customers.

Why should you carry out a customer service survey for your restaurant?

Whether you’ve just opened a brand new restaurant or you’re an international chain, it’s beneficial for restaurants to collect data from customers in order to gain a valuable insight on their views and opinions towards your establishment.

The benefits of using a satisfaction survey include:

  • Ensuring your customers are satisfied with your restaurant and enjoy their dining experience. It’s important to know which aspects customers enjoy about the business and if anyone has expressed anything they’re dissatisfied with.
  • Having the opportunity to develop issues that a number of customers have mentioned could be improved. Knowing what your customers aren’t satisfied with can be changed to encourage more individuals to eat their again, such as the menu, service, prices and cleanliness.
  • Improving customer retention. By amending unsatisfactory issues and focusing on customer service will help customers return to the company and remain loyal and regularly visit your restaurant.
  • Being able to view the days and time that customers attend the restaurant. For instance, if it’s particularly quiet on a Wednesday lunch time, perhaps offering a discount for that day will entice more business.
  • Being able to analyse the demographic eating at your restaurants. It could be beneficial to offer incentives to target another audience such as families.

Read our case study from Branded Restaurants to see how we helped the company process customer feedback forms.

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